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Feb 2005









February 2005 Leo Powers D.C.

Dear Patients and Friends,


I hope you enjoyed your time with family and friends over Christmas and New Years. A kind act lasts forever don't wait.

This newsletter is written to encourage you and other people you know to consider or continue with chiropractic care. The headaches, back pain and joint pain are just what chiropractic was first used for over 100 years ago and it has stood the test of time. Call today for those who need a treatment. If your friend or relative or co-worker has not been to a chiropractor yet and has a health concern that you think may respond to chiropractic care have them call for a consultation to see if it looks like their symptoms could also respond.

Last year I attended two SOT seminars, one in Omaha( October) and one in Kansas City (Feb). The education process allows me to continue to learn easier and better techniques to help the different health problems. Since many chronic health problems manifest themselves with time it takes time to remedy these conditions. (more than one or two visits) The important thing is getting better, and chiropractic treatment over time does help.







This technique involves the extremities (shoulders, lower legs, hips elbows and wrists) and the motion of the pelvis and the head. Using this technique I am able to increase the flow of cerebral spinal fluid (fluid around the Brain and spinal chord) to equal that of a young physiological functioning person. This slow flow of CSF has been implicated in many different diseases that affect the liver and kidney function, which relates to adrenal malfunction and causes STRESS. I will list some apparent good chiropractic results toward the end of this section. To explain a little further, neutral means it is out of gear and in reference to CATEGORY lithe fluid flow is idling or not flowing as fast as in a normal young person. The slowing of flow allows for toxins to build up in the fluid and then this affects the function of the brain and organs that are innervated by the brain. By reversing this process people can feel healthier and better than they have for years. The upper extremity work will help the mechanical stress to the shoulders, arms, sacrum and also the liver and gall bladder function. The Liver has three lobes and filters all the blood from the digestive tract from the mouth all the way to the back side. If you know someone who has a sick liver this can give them a mechanical improvement in function. The adrenal glands function is to help you respond and get over any stress in or outside of the body be it short term or long term stress. The body has the inherent ability to get better if the cause of disease can be removed. The adrenal hormones are produced by the digestion of fats that happen due to the function of the liver and gall bladder. The adrenal hormones are stored in the adrenal glands that sits on top of the kidney. The kidney relates to adrenal gland health in the lower extremity. There are two pails to health in the adrenal gland, the lower extremity (kidney), and the upper extremity (liver). Sec figure I A in reference to the upper extremity work.


The lower extremities relate to the ankle, knee, hip and ilium but because the pelvis moves with the head the work on the lower extremity can help with balance problems, dizziness This is because the bone that surrounds the ear is the temporal bone and the temporal moves with the ilium. Note figure lB. The lower extremity work decreases the mechanical stress to the kidney. Right side affecting the right kidney and the left side affecting the left kidney. There are layers of stress in this work and with each layer taken off, symptoms of different diseases go away. You need to remember that to get to a goal of minimum stress inside the body, the process takes time, and with consistent persistence one can restore one or more ligaments integrity at a time. The next step is to relax the tight muscles that were tight, to take up the slack for the loose ligaments. I am hoping that each of you will feel your best. You will have to decide when you are close enough to center because I will have my goal to get rid of your symptoms and the only way I tell if you have a problem is to test your indicators. In Chinese medicine the emotions related to different organs. The kidney weakness relates to weak will and fear. The liver, when imbalanced , relates to resentment and anger. Correcting these ligament strains can improve your health and flexibility in your emotions. In Chinese medicine theory the Kidney (lower extremity work) relates to the feminine aspect of each person and the Liver (upper extremity work) relates to the masculine component of a person. To correct these ligament strains can improve your health and flexibility in your emotion. An extrapulation from above would be if women communicate better or more than men then if you have problems with stuttering your lower extremity ligaments are probably stressed. If you have problems keeping your mouth shut then the upper extremity ligaments are probably in need of repair. I had the last problem. I did treat a case of stuttering that did get a lot better with neutral category II work.


I would like to explain how I performed the neutral category II. I first evaluate it for the indicators and then communicate this to the patient. If they agree, I tape the ligaments involved, followed by the pelvis and cranial neutral category II adjustment. (EXPLAIN) What really happens is when a ligament gives out in one of the extremities both iliums rock backward and both temporals rock backwards or both iliums rock forward and both temporals rock forward. Then most of the rest of the cranial bones move with this forward or backward motion. It takes usually somewhere between one to four weeks for the ligaments to knit together. Then a category II sutural adjustment needs to be done. I have patients come in two or three times per week and in some cases a little less often depending on their needs, then I adjust what indicators show to restore neurological function and the condition improves.

Kinesio taping is relatively new to america it was developed injapan about 1994. I heard about kinesiotaping about 2 years ago. I tried it out on myself and a few volunteers and now it has revolutionized the correcting of ligament strains, sprains, and contracted muscles.

I have used kinesio tape to help correct the neutral category II and also for fine-tuning any ligament or muscle function. I used it on myself this last spring when I fractured my finger and after it healed I was not able to close my fist as the finger didn't move that far. It was my fault, as I didn't put it in a brace for the few weeks I was supposed to. I had tried the kinesio taping on other ligaments so I tried it and after six weeks I was able to close my fist and I didn't have the concern of re-injuring the finger with normal motions. I have seen a case of bunions go away with taping over a period of two months. I did the neutral category II work first on a case of bunions so the lower extremities were much more stable to begin with. The bunion (this is a bump on the inside of your big toe) then went away in a period of two months with the treatment and taping. I am now using it on meniscus of the knees with good results. 1 have also used it over minor fractures and this stabilizes the bone and has caused it to speed the healing.



The new cranial treatments give me about 15 different adjustments to the head. There are indicators for each of them and as I record them a picture becomes clear as to the how and why of a adjustment. There is a taping of the knee meniscus, which has helped the knee and the range of motion to the hip on external rotation, this is exciting for people who have trouble moving in that direction. There are also two specific adjustments that will help with the tiredness of all the muscles in the body. There are indicator areas of seven areas on each side of the body along the base of the skull. There is also three lines to each area; the third line being the most serious and the second line being less serious and the first line being the least serious. There is an order to taking out stress and your body allows you to take off the stress layer upon layer as the wisdom of the body dictates the timing.

As I have proceeded with this new approach I have added healthy bacteria to the regiment of my patients. They both have four different organisms and this supplement plus two established ones, coral calcium and MSM have helped tremendously to balance people in central Wisconsin for their general health. The coral calcium isn't being taken for the calcium alone because it has many organic minerals in it including bromide, iodide and floride and as result this has helped some people lose weight and feel much better. The MSM is natures cleanser, cleaning out the one cell parasites, according to the manufacturer, that give people aches and pains all over the body as well as various assunder health concerns. There are many people with the neutral category II who may need these supplements for their general health. There are many people who may have systemic yeast infection. Yeast grows on sugar, the brain fluid, the cerebral spinal fluid, has sugar in it to nourish the cells of the brain and the nerves. Stagnant cerebral spinal fluid would be an ideal place for yeast to grow. Yeast infection; will cause a film to form on the cells, MSM is a cleanser, according to manufacturer, for the body that can go across the blood brain barrier. This means the combination of the above supplements for your general health could be really good for your general health. I evaluate the need for healthy bacteria related to the colon. The colon muscle relates to the tensor fascia lata

muscle. In the case of the muscle being tight, it is a sign of toxicity in the colon according to the A K Books and by taking the healthy bacteria the tightness has gone away with my patients.
The infinity power sequence exercises have been helpful to many people and we provide them to people regularly. The exercises are done in an eight sequence order. There are eight different sequences depending on the primary motion of the head and the pelvis. The exercises will help them get to a centered space. These exercises can be done individually at home in five to twenty minutes depending on how many repetitions or sets they need to do.
The work I do on the area lumbar 3 that relates to the ovary or testicle has been used with many patients and it has taken much mechanical stress out of the body, and has been helpful in restoring function in the nerve supply, lymphatic drainage and health of the ovary or testicle symtomatically.
TESTIMONIALS  (bragging about how chiropractic can turn on your power) ALL OF THE CASES BELOW USED SOT AND CORAL CALCIUM
Case of weak knees getting better:
Case study of adolescent young man who had neutral category II work done whose main complaint was growing pains. I did the work on the lower extremities to give him more spring in his step. Over a period of 6 weeks followed up by monthly adjustments and he improved most out of his cross country group. He improved 1 minute 30 seconds from his time the year prior for the 2.2-mile run and had a personal best of 11mm and 10 seconds. A local athletic director stated that an improvement in time in one year of 30 seconds is very good. This patient improved 300%. The patient reported that he just wasn't tired at the end of his run so he started picking up his pace.
Case of cafe au lait spots (brown spots) with vitiligo (white spots) along with deafness:
The patient had the skin disease for three years and hearing loss for about one year. The hearing has gotten 30% better and the skin dark spots have lightened and the white spots have darkened 70 to 80 % over a period of several months.
Case of bunions got better in about two months. The patient was adjusted for back pain and then was started on the Neutral Cat II SOT work, Infinity Power Sequence Exercises, supplemented with Coral Calcium and the healthy bacteria, Vitamin C, and Aloe Vera Juice. I started taping the toe for bunion about a month after starting care.
A patient with lupus has reduced her different drug medications from 7 down to 3 as range of motion has improved along with the lack of pain. Lupus is like a more advanced case of fibromyalgia. Remember the more ligaments stretched out the more time it takes to correct the individual ligaments. The body can handle knitting together only so much at a time. If you have been sick for one day it would usually take a shorter time than if you were sick five years or more. Patient used SOT treatment 3 times per week,IPS exercises, MSM, Coral Calcium, Vitamin C, and Healthy bacteria, Patient has been under care for 18 months. Patient is now able to reduce her frequency of treatment and is becoming stronger day by day. Patient uses carbon filtered water.
Case of vertigo (dizziness) got 90 % better in 6 weeks. Patient. had the condition for several years with many MD with very little results. Neutral Cat II SOT and MSM, Coral Calciurn,Cayene pepper, healthy bacteria. Pateint was treated twice a week for a while then once per week.
Case of rheumatism and bruising easily for over 20 years. The easy bruising went away in several weeks of care. The rheumatism was much better also.
Are you suffering with a chronic complaint? I hope you will consider the information I have provided to let you know more help is available for many people. I am glad that I took the time to go to my seminars, as it has made a significant difference in many people's health. I used the SOT technique with this Neutral (hidden) category II and the following symptoms have reversed:

(1) Chronic knee pain;

(2) Chronic shoulder pain;

(3) Blood pressure has lowered 10 to 20 points on the Systolic and Diastolic; (4) Bunion went away with treatment;

(5) Chronic for years numbness in the hands;

(6) Chronic ankle pain for decades;

(7) Thyroid medicine needed reducing by MD;

(8) Vertigo (dizziness);

(9) Migraine headaches;

(10) Breathing problems;

(11) Foot drop.
In brief there is more hope for returning health. To know for sure what I can do for you have me check your motion. There are several areas to evaluate for overall Category II stress. Call to schedule your Category II check up or regular spinal adjustment at 341-7102.

 Leo 0. Powers, D.C.
P.S. I am including a testimonial from someone who worked diligently to get rid of the ligament stress. You can read about what happened.
Dr Powers' technique of taping the body has absolutely changed my life in 5 or 6 short months.
 I suffered with chronic pain in nearly every area of my body. The most severe in my upper back, lower back, neck, feet and hands, as well as pain to the touch in my legs, arms and head.
 Dr Powers began taping with my ankles which helped my lower legs, ankles and feet. Shoulder taping helped my arms and neck pain. He moved then to taping my stomach and abdomen areas and I had remarkable relief of pain and tightness in my lower back. I didn't even realize those muscles were meant to feel that soft. He has since moved to taping my back and legs, releasing muscle tension in my hips that relieved arthritis type pain.
 I feel like a new person! I am amazed at what my body is supposed to feel like, and what it isn't supposed to feel like. I can turn my head to back out of the driveway. I don't have a constant burning in my upper back, numb fingers or the feeling the something kicked me in my lower back. And when the pain left so did the depression.
 With Dr Powers help I have movement and flexibility. I have taken up a Yoga practice and measure my progress in my ability to see deeper and deeper flexibility and I can relax and hold the poses for extended periods of time, completely pain free.

Thank you Dr Powers!!!

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