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Raynaud's Disease / Raynaud's Phenomenon

     Raynaud's is a disease of too much sympathetic stimulation that affects the circulation to the hands and feet. Sympathetic stimulation causes the small blood vessels, or capillaries in the hands and feet to narrow.   Your hands turn bright pink or blue or white and then they stay that way for a period of time after exposure to cold.  Cold can be 20 below or as little as 70 degrees on the right day.  Raynaud's phenomenon is a similar condition that is caused by complications of surgery, injury, frostbite, autoimmune diseases such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, or some other underlying condition.
     The cause for Raynaud's within chiropractic understanding is that Raynaud's is caused by an over reaction to the sympathetic stimulation that is caused by pinched nerves and blood vessels to the arms, legs, and abdominal organs.  The organs that maintain  the adrenal hormones are the liver, kidneys, digestive tract and the adrenal glands.  The combination of symptoms that people get with this disease is a build up of mechanical stress to the blood vessels of the arms and legs.  When a person with Raynaud's is exposed to cold or any significant emotional stress the above will trigger a reaction.  
     The arms and legs have many joints.  Each joint connection is supposed to be tight and if it loosens this will cause the muscles to work harder. There are many causes for loose ligaments of the arms and legs but there is a similar treatment for most people with this condition. The job of the muscles is to move the bones, not to hold the bones together.   The loose ligaments cause the muscles to get fatigued.  These overworked tight muscles restrict the blood flow by causing a compression restriction of the blood vessels.  An example of this would be how a flow of fluid through pipes can slow by possibly 50% when you have a quick 90 degree turn.  In cases of Raynauds you have a series of these quick turns due to the loose ligaments in several joints.  The full effect is a slowing of the blood flow to the fingers and toes and also a slowing of the blood flow from the fingers and toes back to the heart.   People have about 10+ joints between the chest and the end of the fingers and the same amount between the pelvis and the toes.  Cold exposure in a normal person creates a release of the sympathetic hormones causing a vasoconstriction (contraction) of the blood vessels due to the stress reaction in the body.  The physical effect of this in a healthy person is a faster flow of blood going to and away from the extremities, hands, and feet.  This moves the heat from the inside to help to warm the small parts of the body such as the toes and fingers.  In a person with Raynaud's the blood vessels have tight spastic turns in them.  Exposure to the stress hormones contract the blood vessels so much that they get kinked.  Once the blood flow stops your body runs out of nutrients such as oxygen, sugar, and heat.  The sympathetic hormones cause the blood vessels to be smaller and when you are exposed to cold it is easier to have the blood get stuck in your hands, feet, nose, and even kneecaps.  This Raynaud's reaction can cause lasting damage if not treated properly.
     The treatment I provide at the Powers Chiropractic Clinic focuses on restoring ligament tightness to the arms and legs.  This is a Holistic approach so it takes you on a journey of healing that involves a special diet, certain supplements and use of a stretchable tape to restore resiliency to the connection to the bones that are loose.  I also provide chiropractic adjustments to bring back the function of the liver, kidney, adrenal, and digestive tract.  I have been in chiropractic practice since 1983.  I have had good success in treating this disease with a few people.  I have seen them get somewhere between 40 to 60 % better with treatment specifically for this in several weeks.  
     The kinesiotape unlocks the tight muscles by tightening the loose connection between the joints. The ligaments being tight allow the muscles to stay relaxed.  These relaxed muscles allow the blood vessels to be open and flowing so that on the release of the stress hormones there is a normal faster flow of blood going to and away from the extremities.
It will take several weeks to restore function to the ligaments of the arms and legs, so you will improve slowly over a period of time.  Each case is unique, so I will do a thorough consult and exam to see if you could respond well to this treatment.  You can get further information about chiropractic, for this condition and other conditions at

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