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Shoulder Ligament Rehab/Rotator Cuff Tear / Frozen Shoulder

There is a series of flexible cotton based adhesive tape and gentle SOT chiropractic that can speedily rehab shoulders without drugs or surgery.  SOT divides the physical stress in the body into Category I, Category II, and Category III.  Category II stress includes shoulder and arm symptoms.
Most rotator cuff tears are not really a muscle tear, but a partial ligament (connection between the bones) tear. The shoulder muscles try to splint the two bones to pull them together.  The muscles were designed to move one bone across another bone.  In an emergency your body will hold the bones together with muscles, however, the muscles fatigue and lose some of their elasticity since they are doing an emergency job.  Since the muscles are contracted most of the time they have trouble relaxing.  The arm loses flexibility and strength due to a combination of bone separation and muscle rigidity.  A lot of orthopedic surgeons will tell you the muscle is torn, however, if this were true you would have a rolled up muscle that would look like a small ball on or around your shoulder.  Most of the time there is no complete tears of muscle (no ball).  
The flexible cotton based adhesive tape and SOT chiropractic can in most cases allow you to regain the flexibility and strength above your head.  Most people who have a shoulder injury want it the way it was before they hurt it or better.  I have that purpose as a doctor to teach you how to restore full function. Shoulder injury cases that were recently injured can often respond within 15-20 visits with a combination of SOT and Kinesio-taping in a few short weeks.
The shoulder is held in place by ligaments and muscles.   The only bony connection is quite small so the shoulder is dependent on many muscles and ligaments in other parts of the body.  In SOT chiropractic they give you exercises to restore function to the shoulder by doing Category II strengthening exercises. 
The reason the flexible cotton based adhesive tape works so well is that when you move your arm or leg you change the shape of your skin.  The joints approximate in a specific position.  When the skin is taped in this position it holds the memory of the joint close together and this allows the loose ligament to tighten the connection between the bones that were loose.  The bones of the body when approximated will initiate the healing of the sprained ligaments, (connective tissues) between the bones.  The bones can then tighten their connection to normal, or near normal.  The tape is made of cotton in a wave pattern that has adhesive on it that allows full range of motion when the tape is applied in the correct position.   The taping combined with the SOT chiropractic allows you to sit, walk, or lie down with no change in the improved support to your shoulder joints or other joints that have been taped. 
    There are Doctors who tell you yours is the worst shoulder injury they have ever seen.  I have seen many shoulder injury rehabs that are relatively easy.  Not every case is hard. Some cases do take a little longer, however most (60 %) cases respond in less than 15 visits.  You are expected to do some exercises. Call for an appointment or further information at 
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Case Examples

Man in early 60’s likes to put up wood.  He injured his shoulder working with his wood.  He was able to move his arm up to 90degrees flexion and abduction.  I worked with him with the flexible cotton based adhesive tape and SOT treatment in 6 weeks he had range of motion to 170  degrees flexion and abduction and he was able to put up wood with no discomfort.  He came in every 6 weeks for about 1˝ years then he over did it and he needed a couple of visits to bring it back with some taping and treatment.  He is now again putting up wood in his spare time. 
Man in his 90’s came in for back pain. In the process of treating the back pain he needed to have the shoulder worked on.  He said don’t bother it hasn’t worked for 2 years.  I told him it was necessary to help his back pain.  He agreed to have the shoulder worked on with SOT and flexible cotton based adhesive tape and in 3 weeks he was able to raise his arm up about to 160 degrees flexion and abduction with no discomfort prior to treatment he couldn’t move his shoulder past 90 degrees.  His back pain got better also.    
Woman had wrist and hand pain.  She had surgery on it however it didn’t help with the pain.  It still hurt.  She was referred by a friend who got help with her back and shoulder pain.  She received treatment for about 6 weeks with SOT and flexible cotton based adhesive tape  and she was better and her wrist and hand felt fine.
Written by Dr. Leo Powers Dr Powers graduated in 1982 from NWCC. Dr. Powers has worked with diversified adjusting with interest in Applied Kinesiology.  He started studying SOT in 1999 and started integrating The stretchable adhesive cotton based tape in to his practice in 2002.  Has taught and published at SORSI 3 times for original work.   I have been finding it very rewarding and much easier working with shoulder injuries since 2007.     When you call just say Rotator Cuff  Tear or Frozen Shoulder.